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Caring for the Children of Peru

The majority of these children would be on the streets were it not for the ASK school run by the Bruce Peru Foundation. The come from one of the biggest Barrio’s (slums) in the city. ASK has a second school on the other side of the city in a smaller Barrio.
They come from very poor families that have very little money. Hunger and ill health are a daily experience for the majority.
Without the ASK school these children would be illiterate with very little future or hope of a better life.


  All of the money ASK is able to give to children comes from individuals such as yourself. For 10 years Action for Street Kids has been a lifeline to children who have nothing. No home, no food, and often no hope. Street children are the most vulnerable children in the world. We are enormously grateful to everyone who supports our work with street children. Please give a donation if you can. Through it we change a child’s life for the better. There are several ways to donate O[...]Learn More


Across the world Action for Street Kids works in some of the poorest and often the most dangerous communities. From Manenburg in Cape Town to Guyguil in Ecudor the staff of the projects we work with risk being attacked and harmed. When we go to work each day we don’t expect to be hit, threatened with a knife or even shot at. The remarkable staff who work with ASK knowingly take that risk every day to help some of the most marginalised children in the world. s..[...]Learn More

About Us

Action for Street Kids was established in 2000 by a two concerned individuals with a background of working in the charity sector, in particular of running projects to assist street and other vulnerable children in developing countries. Action for Street Kids currently has six trustees who bring with them a wealth of professional experience, from child protection to financial management, administration, university lecturing and fundraising[...]Learn More

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